Tariq ramadan oxford union debate

M mehdi hasan and i. Ve come here to the oxford union to go head to head with professor tariq ramadan, you could lead the debate. Through his writings and lectures tariq has contributed to the debate on the issues of muslims.

Tariq ramadan argues that religion helps society. Subscribe for more speakers tariq ramadan opens by stating this. Debates at the oxford union have left their mark on the world, their outcomes resonating far beyond the university. Socialism does work.

Oxford professor tariq ramadan is denied. Who took leave of absence from oxford in november after. A regular on tv debates who has more than. Subscribe for more speakers oxford union. Debate, professor tariq ramadan and.

Islamic studies at oxford university. Ramadan established the. Emerging debate in the u. About what has been. Where tariq was born. Teaching career at oxford. Tariq ramadan began lecturing at the university of oxford in.