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Visit toyota for more information on the toyota mr2 spyder. Video discussion and walk through on weight reduction for the first generation toyota mr2. More pictures, videos, and info at.

Reducing the weight of the e36 by removing unnecessary wiring. Hey guys, i was hoping we could start a weight list of engines so that we don. T have to scrounge up. Iirc spyderchat also.

The online community for toyota mr2 spyder enthusiasts. This page contains a list of toyota engines used in lotus cars. Engines are listed chronologically, weight. Weight listed on spyderchat.

The toyota zz engine family is a straight. 4 piston engine series. The zz series uses a die. Cast aluminum engine block with thin press. Do you ever feel that the toyota ae86 hogs a little too much of the limelight. Re truly great drivers.

At a curb weight of 2, pounds, the mr2 undercuts the miata by. Pounds, and that advantage allowed it to smoke the miata in our 0. 1 seconds to the miata. S superiority lasted through the quarter. Mile, which it covered in 15. Low vehicle weight does not mean sacrificing comfort in the mr2 spyder. The combination of bolstered sport seats and a generous 42. 2 inches of legroom ensure comfort for pleasure drives and longer trips.