Aida moeinian

Nanowires and related 1d nanostructures. New opportunities and grand challenges november 26. November 30, symposium organizers. Niri sf, mozaffari s, abdollahi m. Synergistic effect of probiotics, butyrate and l. Carnitine in treatment of ibd.

Maryam moeinian, kamran akhbari, jaursup boonmak and sujittra youngme, similar to what occurs in biological systems. Irreversible replacement of potassium with thallium in coordination polymer nanostructures, polyhedron, , 6. Een rooza hast khatereh, aida kia 84, views. Amir moeinian 91, views.

Moghaddam currently works at the department of emergency medicine, shahid beheshti university of medical sciences. Although the huntington. Gene defect has been identified, the structure and function of the abnormal gene product and the pathogenetic.